Spray Foam


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Polyurethane Foam - comes in several grades or densities, no one grade fits all purposes. It comes as open cell or closed cell, with all types being an air barrier, but closed cell also being a vapor barrier. Lighter densities( from ½lb/cu ft to around 1.2lb/cu ft) are generally open cell, while 1.7lb/cu ft and greater are usually closed cell. These foams can be Spray applied, or Poured in some instances. Spray applied is most common and can only be done where open cavities or exposed surfaces are to be insulated. R-factors range from R-3.6/inch to R-7/inch, with heavier densities having higher R-values and being the most costly. We use the most environmentally friendly, GREEN products on the market today ! SPF provides the most thorough seal possible, covering all cracks, filling all voids, it creates the perfect airtight envelope - for your living comfort, and energy dollars! Most existing homes can benefit from applying Polyurethane Foam in the attic or sealing the rimjoist/sillplate area around the perimeter of your home where the wood framing meets the foundation. Also, crawlspaces and basements can perform better in some cases when Polyurethane Foam is installed.

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