Pumped Foam


Pumped foams are used to insulate existing structures. Areas where drywall or plaster covers the stud cavity and access can only be obtained by drilling a hole(s) as needed into the cavity. These holes can be drilled from the interior or exterior, depending on many factors. Interior application is always less expensive than exterior application. We use foams from Tripolymer® and from AirKrete® for these types of situations. We have been dealers for Tripolymer® since 1980 and have samples of this product as well as track records for its performance that are nearly 30 years old. AirKrete® is a totally organic material that is installed with similar equipment, in a similar manner.
Installation from the outside is done by removing a strip of siding, or drilling through a mortar joint or sheathing material to gain access to the stud cavities, then installing the insulation, then plugging the hole, replacing the siding or patching the hole. Interior application is done by drilling through the drywall or plaster - usually 1 hole per stud cavity - installing the insulation, then placing a foam plug in the hole and applying 1 coat of finish compound. We use a nifty drill & box combination with a vacuum attached to radically limit dust in this situation. We never leave our customers with unsightly holes, but we don't sand, finish, and paint the surfaces.
Tripolymer® foam has an R-value of 4.8/inch and adds approximately R-17 in a typical 2x4 wall construction. AirKrete® has an R-value of 3.9/inch and can add approximately R-15.6 to a typical wall.
Pumped foams are NON-EXPANDING !